Sparks - Hello Young Lovers

Sparks - Hello Young Lovers Hello Young Lovers by Sparks

Sparks 'Hello Young Lovers' CD

Dick Around ~ Perfume ~ The Very Next Fight ~ Baby Baby Can I Invade Your Country ~ Rock Rock Rock ~ Metaphor ~ Waterproof ~ Here Kitty ~ There's No Such Thing As Aliens ~ As I Sit Down To Play The Organ At The Notre Dame Cathedral

The album:-

When writing and recording 'Lil Beethoven', Sparks broke the rules, but in creating 'Hello Young Lovers' the rule book has been thrown away. The only inspiration taken from any current music was the provocation to go as far as possible in the opposite direction.

The passion:-

With 'Hello Young Lovers', Sparks 20th album, Ron Mael and Russell Mael prove that they are indeed the "maestros of music" with moments of sheer beauty and resonance - it rocks!

'Hello Young Lovers' is an awesome album
"All I do now is dick around ..."

The single 'Dick Around' is glorious, complete with psycho-esque strings, crashing metal guitars and frenzied vocal delivery. To call this song a pivotal recording in the development of pop music would be a significant understatement. The classical pretensions of the title are layered on with guile. Hear it to believe it!

The press:-

'Hello Young Lovers' delights in the absurd, the grand, theatrical gesture, and the knowing, witty aside. It's very clever stuff, maybe too clever for the charts. (MOJO)

The singles:-

Sparks single 'Perfume'

'Perfume' was released on February 13th through Gut Records. Thirty girls' names, thirty brands of perfume. Only on a Sparks record!

"Susan wears St. Laurent, Janie wears L'air du Temps, Kristin wears Davidoff. But you don't wear no perfume. That's why I want to spend my life with you."

Gut Records released a second single from 'Hello Young Lovers' in September 2006, a double A-side single 'Dick Around' and 'Waterproof'. Alas the single was banned by the BBC!

The accolades:-

'Designer Magazine' has named 'Hello Young Lovers' as the best album of 2006, beating My Chemical Romance's debut album 'Welcome To The Black Parade' into second place.

" Most artists create the best album of their career on their debut and then offer a series of diminishing returns. For Sparks the best album of their career (Hello Young Lovers) has come 20 albums in. Overblown neo-classical pop, from the absurd 'Dick Around' and 'Waterproof' to the political 'Baby, Baby, Can I Invade Your Country?' "

The tour:-

Sparks held a world tour in February 2006, to coincide with the release of the new single and album. Ron and Russell played to audiences in the UK, the USA, Australia and Japan. 'Hello Young Lovers' was performed in its entirety for the first half of the concert, with the second half given to a rendition of their greatest hits. In 2006 Sparks also took part in the Big Chill in the grounds of Eastnor Castle, Herefordshire.

Sparks also performed each and every one of their 20 studio albums over 20 nights at the Islington Academy in May and June 2008. All ten songs from 'Hello Young Lovers' were performed back-to-back on 11th June, followed by a world premiere of Sparks' 21st album on 13th June. Wow!

"I promise that I’ll rock rock rock, don’t leave me, don’t leave me. I will rock rock rock, like a mother, like a mother."